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This list features The Top 10 News Stories for the week ending Friday, March 12, 2010. Making the headlines this week includes our First Lady, a former heavyweight boxing champion, a former NBA great, and an important study regarding African American women.


10. Eddie Murphy’s Little Girl and Ex Go to Lunch in Style in a $300k Ferrari

Eddie Murphy’s little girl is practically all grown up. At age 19, Bria and her mom Nicole were spotted yesterday stepping out in fierce style, even if it’s just grabbing a quick bite at a local eatery. Nicole, Murphy’s ex-wife, is still livin’ quite grande and it shows, as she and her beautiful look-alike daughter, Murphy’s eldest, pull up to the restaurant in a $300,000-plus Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. The Scaglietti is considered to be a supercar.  News-Source:


9. Marion Jones Joins the WNBA


 *Former track sensation Marion Jones, who was stripped of the three Olympic track gold medals because of steroid use, has signed with the Tulsa Shock of the Women’s National Basketball Association. Jones, 34, became the first female track and field athlete to win five medals at a single Olympics during the 2000 Games in Sydney. But she was forced to forfeit all five medals in 2007 after admitting use of performance-enhancing drugs. A 5-foot-10 guard, Jones attended the University of North Carolina on a basketball scholarship and helped lead the school to the 1994 national championship. She worked out for several WNBA teams before signing with Tulsa, which is coached by former University of Arkansas men’s coach Nolan Richardson. News-Source,


8. Muhammad Ali Visits San Diego Padres Clubhouse

*Coaches and players of the San Diego Padres were graced with a 45-minute visit from Muhammad Ali Monday as part of his Athletes for Hope foundation, which has the goal of empowering individual athletes to make a difference and to inspire others. “This is the top unless I ever meet Michael Jordan,” outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. told the Associated Press. “I’m typically not star-struck, but I was today. I’m taking that picture home and I’m going to show it to my wife and have that for my kids when they get older.” News-Source,


7. MJ’s Ex-Bodyguards: ‘He Had At Least 2 Girlfriends’


*Former bodyguards for Michael Jackson said they personally witnessed the King of Pop make out with girls in the backseat of his chauffered cars, and that he is by no means a pedophile as some critics continue to insist. “Being a man…men know men…and we [were] around him long enough to know…he was a man,” Bill Whitfield, who joined Mike Garcia and Javon “BJ” Beard for an interview with “Good Morning America” Tuesday. Garcia said Jackson had “desires of women like we do. He had lovers.” The men claim MJ had at least two girlfriends, and that they sometimes felt as though they were chaperoning two teenagers on a date. “In the cars that we had, we had a curtain that covered the back seat…you couldn’t see in the back seat. They talked back there…they didn’t do nothing out of bounds…you can hear the kissing,” Whitfield said. News-Source:


6. Photo: Chris Rock Gets Handsy with Gabby Sidibe

*Chris Rock incurred the wrath of Gabourey Sidibe’s father Thursday when he took liberties with the actress’ backside during the third annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood event. The “Precious” star, was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar at Sunday’s Academy Awards, got a shock when Rock gave her the two-handed booty grab as she made her way to the stage. The actress laughed and brushed it off with a playful slap, but Gabby’s daddy wasn’t so forgiving. She tells ET Online, “As I go up to get my award in a room where my dad is, because he’s one of my dates, Chris Rock grabbed my butt with both of his hands – and then I slapped him back. I didn’t think too much of it at all, but my dad was super p**sed.” As for Rock copping a feel at her expense, Sidibe quips, “Some dudes gotta have it – it’s my own fault for being too damn fine.”


5. It’s No Joke: Oscar Win May Help Mo’Nique Reap Millions

 By winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, Mo’Nique’s star power — and her earning power — just went up dramatically. Any victory at the Academy Awards gives the winner some serious bragging rights, instant recognition and additional credibility. For some stars, however, winning an Oscar also translates into an enormous payday. And that’s likely to be the case for Monique — particularly since she proved to Hollywood that she’s more than just a funny, lovable comedian. In fact, by taking a huge career risk and playing an unpopular character — an abusive mother named Mary Jones in the emotionally gut-wrenching film ‘Precious’ — Mo’Nique showed off some serious acting chops and set herself up to get more serious, and more lucrative job offers in the future. It’s no doubt only a matter of time before a range of scripts, movie deals, and million-dollar film offers start coming Mo’Nique’s way.  News-Source: Lynnette Khalfani-Cox,

4. CEO compares Michelle Obama to a chimpanzee in email. Loses big client.

The Tennessean of Nashville reports that Tennessee HospitalityAssociation CEO Walt Baker’s e-mail compares the first lady to Tarzan sidekick Cheeta. At the bottom of the e-mail is a photo of Obama, caught in an awkward moment with her lips pursed, and one of a chimpanzee wearing a similar expression.
Baker apologized in an e-mail to Nashville Metro Council members Saturday saying the message was not intended to be malicious but meant as “political humor.”
Also on Saturday, the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau said it would drop its contract with Baker’s marketing firm. News Source:


3. Smith: Iverson Will Drink or Gamble Himself ‘Into Oblivion’


*Philadelphia Inquirer sports columnist Stephen A. Smith is citing various NBA sources who claim that fired Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson is a bona fide alcoholic and has a serious gambling addiction, having already been banned from casinos in Detroit, Memphis and Denver.“If numerous NBA sources are telling the truth — and there’s no reason to believe they’d do otherwise in a situation of this magnitude — Iverson will either drink himself into oblivion or gamble his life away,” Smith wrote in his Sunday column. This latest news comes after a string of bad breaks for the 35-year-old athlete. In late February, Iverson left Sixers indefinitely to tend to his sick daughter. Two weeks later, it was announced he wouldn’t return to the team. And just as soon as his professional life crumbled, so did his personal life when his wife filed for divorce last week. But in a report from Smith, who covered Iverson extensively as the Sixers former beat writer, Iverson also has serious problems with alcohol and gambling that is causing him to self-destruct. News Source:


2. Nearly Half of Black Women Have Herpes


The latest news out of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is very troubling, to say the least. A jaw-dropping 48 percent of black women between ages 14 and 49 have the virus which causes genital herpes, says the federal agency. Blacks in general are more than three times as likely as whites to have herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) (39.2 percent vs. 12.3 percent). Why is it so much higher among black women? It is likely that biological factors make women more susceptible to genital herpes than men, says the CDC. American women in general are nearly twice as likely as men to be infected (21 percent vs. 11 percent). Then add on top of that socioeconomic factors that negatively affect blacks’ general state of health, and it’s no surprise that black women draw the short straw when it comes to getting genital herpes. What’s worse, most don’t even know they’ve drawn that short straw. Up to 80 percent of genital herpes infections in the United States are undiagnosed. “Many individuals are transmitting herpes to others without even knowing it,” said John M. Douglas Jr., director of CDC’s division of STD prevention. “It is important that persons with symptoms suggestive of herpes-especially recurrent sores in the genital area-seek clinical care to determine if these symptoms may be due to herpes and might benefit from treatment.” News-Source:


 1.Daylight Savings Time


On Sunday, March 14, 2010 at 2 a.m., Daylight Saving Time begins. Daylight saving time (DST), the practice of advancing our clocks so that afternoons have more daylight  and mornings have less, is now upon us. So this Sunday, March 14, 2010, remember to move your clocks up by one hour.

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  1. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    Great News stories. The story of black women and herpes was a little alarming. What about the perks of being a Murphy or an ex-Murphy. I did not realize his children was this old. Lastly, the Obama story, some people are often sitting on their brains instead of using them.

  2. Leon Says:

    Good post, Lenora. And I agree with you.

  3. shack II Says:

    Great list as usual.

    Story 1 My thing is – ITS TOO DAMN EARLY FOR DST. It is STILL WINTER. Wished BO would repeal the GWB directive moving this up since its ridiculous-there are no energy savings, benefits etc.

    It should start in April and end in September after school begins. The way it is now we have nearly 8 months of DST and only 41/2 of standard time. Hate getting up an hour early and there is enough daylight as it is!! Anyone agree/disagree?