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Stress is defined as a response to a demand that is placed upon you. Without some stress, people would not get a lot done. That extra burst of adrenaline that helps you finish your final paper, perform well in sports, or meet any challenge is positive stress.  It is a short-term physiological tension and added mental alertness that subsides when the challenge has been met, enabling you to relax and carry on. Responses to stress can be physical, such as a headache; emotional, such as fear or sadness; and mental, such as increased anxiety. If you cannot return to a relaxed state, then the stress becomes negative. The changes in your body (increased heart rate, higher blood pressure and muscle tension) start to take their toll, often leading to mental and physical exhaustion and illness. Too much stress can cause problems and affect our health, productivity and relationships. You can’t rid stress from your life completely, but you can reduce it. Know that it takes some effort because you may have to make changes in your attitude and lifestyle.


10.  Eat healthy.


Eating a balanced diet provides us with the necessary energy we need to handle stress. Sugar, caffeine, and fats reduce your ability to cope with stress.



9. Express your feelings.


Don’t keep things bottled up. Often times when sharing with a friend about something that’s bothering you, it gives you a sense of relief because you’ve gotten the issue off your chest.



8.  Do something that you enjoy every day.


When you do something fun, or something you enjoy, it relaxes you, and puts you at ease. So whether it’s a sports activity, watching your favorite television show, or spending time with your significant other; whatever brings you  joy, try doing it every day.


7.  Take a break.


 Take a break or small mini-breaks throughout the day to help you relax.  During your breaks, lean back in a chair, close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and focus on pleasant thoughts.


6.  Practice Acceptance.



When you learn to accept the fact that there are some things beyond your control, you’re on your way of keeping your mind free of unnecessary stress.



5.  Identify the cause of your stress.


Avoid, manage, and/or control the cause of your stress. Then practice saying, “I’m too blessed to be stressed!”




4.  Manage your time better.



Stress can be brought on by trying to accomplish too many things during the day, or waiting to the last minute to complete a project or an assignment. Learn to organize your time better, and prioritize.



3.  Exercise regularly.


Whether it’s working out at the gym, jogging, or taking a walk on your lunch break, physical activity is a great way of managing stress



2.   Get 6 to 8 hours of sleep.


 Lack of sleep makes it hard to deal with stress and often puts us on edge. A good night’s rest keeps your mind and body sharp and alert to better handle stressful situations.



 1. Keep a sense of humor – laugh!


Develop the habit of laughing out loud several times throughout the day. Laughter releases your “feel good hormones called endorphins. Endorphins help relieve stress, anxiety, and frustration.

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10 Responses to “Top 10 Tips to Manage Stress”

  1. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    I Love it! This is a great list. I used to wear a button that said Too Blessed to Be Stressed. I definitely try to eat healthier than I used to. I laugh everyday and it feels great. One of my favorite sayings is Laughter is good for the soul. I rarely get 8 hours of sleep though, but I am working on it. Great job Leon.

  2. Leon Says:

    Thanks Lenora. I’m glad you like the list.

  3. Terrance Says:

    I was reading each one carefully expecting the next one to be laughter. I didn’t think laugh would be number one, but i’m not surprise. GREAT list Leon!

  4. Leon Says:

    Thanks Terrence!

  5. Diane Sifuentes Says:

    This is a great list. It is good to be reminded of those things that help manage stress. I think you captured it all in this list!

  6. Leon Says:

    Thanks Diane. I appreciate your positive feedback.

  7. Lyn Says:

    I just love this list. You really did a great job and Laughter is the best medicine for what ails you. Great job!

  8. Leon Says:

    Thanks Lyn!

  9. Karen Says:

    So true.
    I love the list

  10. Leon Says:

    Thanks Karen!