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This list features The Top 10 Black News Stories of the Week ending, Friday, April, 2, 2010. Making headlines this week includes a $9 million dollar lawsuit, a famous entrepreneur putting people to work, a famous celebrity involved in a car crash, and the reasons behind the breakup of 3 celebrity couples.


10. Was Sex Tape Behind Kim, Reggie Break Up?


It looks like Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J has come back to haunt her.
That’s supposed to be the real reason behind the break-up of Kim and NFL running back Reggie Bush.
“Reggie’s mom just could not get over the fact that Kim had a sex tape,” a source tells X17(Celebrity gossip magazine). “Reggie and his family are very conservative, and he told Kim that a marriage is never going to happen between them because of the tape.”
But the source goes on to say that Kim is “still crazy about him.” And adds, “If she didn’t have the sex tape, she could have been Mrs. Bush.”
On the other hand, Radar Online, citing another source, claims it’s Reggie who wants to get back together, and Kim who refuses to return his text messages. So who are we to believe? Source –


9. Clubs Shy Away from Hosting Chris Brown’s 21st B’Day


*Chris Brown has reportedly encountered resistance from club venues in hosting his planned 21st birthday party on May 5. The New York Post is reporting that Brown has been shopping the event to hotspots in New York, Miami and Las Vegas, but promoters have been reluctant to book the singer because, “They don’t want to mess up their relationship, or their potential relationship, with Rihanna,” a source was quoted as saying. The artist, who pleaded guilty to the assault of Rihanna, is now looking for private homes or restaurants in Manhattan, according to Page Six of The New York Post. Source –


8. Sidney Poitier Involved in Car Crash


A rep from the Beverly Hills PD tells TMZ the accident occurred Monday around 4 PM — emergency vehicles responded to the scene. A witness tells us it didn’t appear that anyone was seriously injured in the wreck.  A rep for Poitier had no comment.  UPDATE: The Beverly Hills PD released a statement saying, “Poitier was driving a dark colored Mercedes Benz northbound when it collided with a dark colored Porsche.” According to cops, Poitier was not injured — but a passenger in the Porsche was transported to UCLA Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.
An investigation is underway.  Source –


7. Papa Joe to Sue Dr. Murray for Wrongful Death


Joseph Jackson intends to file a wrongful death lawsuit against his late son’s doctor Conrad Murray within 90 days, claiming the physician’s actions resulted in murder. Jackson’s lawyer Brian Oxman said Tuesday the amount of the powerful anesthetic propofol given to Michael Jackson by Murray before his death on June 25 “was reckless, and it amounts to second-degree murder.” “The continuous administration of drugs over six weeks — he (Murray) gave him propofol every night — that is Russian roulette, that is loading six bullets into a gun with only six chambers,” Oxman told Reuters. Murray has already been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Jackson, 50, who had been rehearsing for a series of concerts in London before his death. Murray was hired by concert promoter AEG Live to care for Jackson in the months leading to the London shows. Source –


6. Did Badu Break the Law for ‘Window Seat’ Video?


Erykah Badu’s controversial video for “Window Seat,” where the green-eyed musician made urban video history by stripping nude in the streets of Dallas, may have indeed been made illegally.
The video, shot on March 13 in a single take, was filmed without permits in and around Dealey Plaza, where President John F. Kennedy’s assassination took place some 48 years ago. In it, Badu parks a vintage Cadillac on a Dallas street then walks down to the plaza, stripping off clothing along the way until, fully nude, she falls to the ground as if she’s been shot, akin to a reenactment of JFK’s public murder. As rumors surfaced that Badu’s actions could possibly subject her to arrest for indecent exposure, Dallas authorities responded with a collective yawn. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza issued a statement that they had nothing to do with the video and had no comment. While a police spokesperson acknowledged that Badu could be charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct, a Class B misdemeanor, the spokesperson said it’s unlikely to happen. Source –Tonya Pendleton,


5. Shaq’s Text Messages to Mistress Revealed



As Shaquille O’Neal and his wife Shaunie head toward the final leg of their divorce, text messages sent by the NBA star to his alleged mistress Vanessa Lopez has suddenly emerged. Radar Online uncovered the texts, which includes one from Lopez that says “will make sure I put on something very sexy for you.” Shaq’s messages to Lopez aren’t anywhere near as X-rated as the ones Tiger Woods sent to Joslyn James. But they were apparently enough to send Shaunie sprinting toward a divorce lawyer. A source close to Lopez told that Shaunie hired a private investigator to find the correspondence and after reading it she decided to file for divorce. Lopez, who hired L.A. attorney Gloria Allred for her harassment lawsuit against O’Neal, claims her affair with the basketball star lasted five years (during his marriage to Shaunie) and ended badly when she thought she was pregnant with his baby. She says Shaq began harassing her soon afterward, hiring a friend of his to fly to Orlando, Florida to track her down and frighten her into submission. The below text messages, dated between Sept. 4 and Sept. 9 of 2009, were received on Lopez’s iPhone. One of them dated Sept. 4 at 12:45am reads: Lopez: “I have always been good to you. I am a very private person. I never spoke about us to anyone. Ever! Don’t deserve that from you. I am not wining. I just miss you so settle down.” Shaq: “Well just say that then I’m a c u tomorrow.” Another text, dated Sept. 6 at 12:28am reads: Lopez: “I hope you had a wonderful day! I wish you were here papi ” Shaq: “Tomorro” Lopez: “I will make sure I put on something very sexy for you ” And another, dated Sept. 7 at 12:01am reads: Shaq: “Hey baby I’m still wit da babies. I’m sorry I’m a c u when I get bak” Lopez: “I think you are such an amazing person inside and out. I truly wish you the best in life. No one deserves it more than you.” Shaq: “Thanks baby I will make it up to u” Source –


4. Frankly Speaking: How Drugs Broke Up Pam Grier & Richard Pryor


“I didn’t want him to feel that his talent was based on drugs. Women should know that if you have a boyfriend who has been indulging in cocaine for a long time, much of the cocaine stays in his prostate gland and can cause problems. It is really what broke us up. I told Richard, “You’re gonna have to wear a condom when we make love.” He said that was something he did not want to do. I hate to be so graphic, but our grandmother and mothers don’t tell us these things.” Actress Pam Grier talks to Ebony magazine about her relationship with the late comic Richard Pryor in an interview to promote her new memoir, ‘Foxy: My Life in Three Acts.’Source – Jawn Murry,


3. Tiger Woods — Ribbed for Your Pleasure


A restaurant in Cambodia is playing it safe, and has created a replica of Tiger Woods made entirely of condoms. The life-size statue is all part of a safe sex and birth control program. Source –


2. Woman Wins 9 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Walmart



Two years ago Gipson, a TSU student at the time, sold her car to pay her tuition and in return received five Wal-Mart money orders totaling more than $4,000. Her attempt to try and cash them would cost her in a way she never imagined, “I went to jail, just for trying to cash my money orders,” Gipson said. While the Wal-Mart bank verified the money orders were good and authorized the transaction, store employees took it upon themselves to play detective, decided the money orders were fake, and called police. Gipson was arrested, charged with forgery and booked into jail where she stayed for several days, even though the money orders were real. Gipson says she was humiliated. “I’ve been a loyal customer of Wal-Mart and they basically failed me.”  What’s more, her attorney says Wal-Mart store employees are not trained to determine whether money orders are authentic and company policy forbids them from even trying. So after a felony charge, 2 days in jail, and countless hours of litigation, a jury decided Wal-Mart’s actions were negligent and awarded Gipson more than $9 million. Source – Ebony Jones, 


1.   Magic Johnson Wants to Help Get People Working



Need a gig? Well, it doesn’t take hocus pocus, but it may take some Magic – Earvin “Magic” Johnson, that is. His Magic Workforce Solutions is a company that looks to get urban America back to work, whether you are under employed or unemployed.
The two-and-a-half-year-old firm’s main goal is to get you a job. And to that end, they’ve enlisted the top portion of the Fortune 500 companies – the Fortune 50 to be exact, to help them.
“Magic Workforce Solutions is a division of Magic Johnson Enterprises, a human resources solutions provider to Fortune 50 companies nationwide,” says Greye Kennedy, national director of recruitment for Magic Workforce Services. “We’re growing very, very fast. We have presence in all 50 states, and we provide services in temp-to-hire help, temporary and direct hire or permanent opportunities.”
This week, MWS hosted a job fair in Dallas, Texas on Thursday, April 1, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., for a national logistics company and cell phone distribution center that is looking to fill 600 warehouse slots.
While this particular job fair focused on entry level jobs, there are other opportunities in the apparently booming Dallas/Ft. Worth area. A large financial services company is looking  for loan processors, financial analysts and compliance analysts..”
Kennedy says that Johnson’s success in urban market places with his Starbucks partnership and Magic Johnson Theaters has made him even more passionate about this new venture. While Tavis Smiley and other folks may argue that black America is bearing the brunt of America’s overall recession-driven problems, Johnson’s approach is to offer a solution by getting folks back to the workforce.
“This is his vision,” Kennedy says. “I definitely know that he is very, very much involved in this effort. He is the one that spearheaded the dream to actually becoming a reality, and we are helping him live the dream of putting urban America back to work and employing the underemployed. We happen to be the number-one brand in urban America. Yes, he is involved. And we are 100-percent committed.”
For more information on jobs via Magic Workforce Solutions, please visit Source, Tonya Pendleton ,

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10 Responses to “Top 10 News Stories”

  1. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    Great news stories. I don’t know where to begin. #1o. Use common sense! When is a celebrity sex tape ever kept secret. Think of the consequences.
    9. I hate what Chris Brown did to Rhianna, but if he wants to have a 21st birthday bash, treat him like you treat everyone else who pays for a venue.
    7.Papa Joe filing a wrongful death suit is no surprise to me.
    3. What does a restaurant have to do with sex and birth control? “Okay everyone, wear a condom and you will not have a sex addiction like Tiger Woods”LOL…
    2. Walmart, Walmart, Walmart!
    1. Magic has his hands in everything. I hope this works out. It is a good idea.

  2. Leon Says:

    Great comments, Lenora!

  3. Shack Says:

    Stories 9, 10 & 3 – Who Cares…

    Story 8 – S.P. in his 80′s – get a chauffer

    Story 7 – We all knew this was coming…

    Story 6 – She’s out for publicity… got it. Still looney to do what she did in front of gen. public & kids – Found out the blue blood stands for “Groupthink!”

    Story 5 – Thought they were already divorced – did they get back together? Shaq is SLOPPY like all who use cell/texting/e-mails which can be tracked. Cheat the old-fashioned way!!

    Story 4 Very Interesting – In any case, my man RP would have most likely found a way to screw-up his relationship with PG. He had several good women and kept running them off and going back too much drama/indecisiveness.

    Story 2 – Told you all before “No One Will Ever Get Us (Black folks) Out of Walmart!”

    Story 1 – Go Magic Go

    Everyone – Have a Great GF and Blessed Easter Weekend

  4. Marcus Says:

    A lot of great topics, which I give further details in the future. Regarding #3, I think it’s distasteful for people to do that, especially considering that Tiger had admitted that he has a problem, and it trying to do everything he can to correct it.

    With regards to Shaq, it’s unfortunate that he represents another athlete who sabotaged his own marriage with infidelity, though I’m sure Shaunie had an inkling of his M.O. before she married him.

  5. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    To Shack “Groupthink” is very powerful…Cheat the old fashioned way!!! People forget that what you say can be forgotten, once you write it, it can resurface any time. Unfortunately, people don’t always learn from other people’s mistakes.Happy Easter everyone :-)

  6. Shonee Says:

    @Shack…lol! Great comments. And I thought it was Shaq’s wife who cheated with her personal trainer or somebody…

  7. Leon Shepherd Says:

    Shonee, I think many of us were under that impression from what we had heard or read.

  8. Trisha Says:

    1 & 2 good for Magic and the Walmart woman…#3 I don’t care what they dress Tiger in as long as he is golfing again…#4 if she was a long time girlfriend why worry about a condom now?….#5 once again..a kid in a candy store….#6..once again an incident in Dealey Plaza and Dallas athorities do nothing…are they waiting for a lone gunman???…7 did you expect less…8 …hire a driver….9…go to Chuckie Cheeze and 10. the sex tape was probably her best work….but i doubt it would make anyones top ten…

  9. Shack Says:

    Trish – Like all your comments which mirror mine somewhat, especially #s 6 & 9 LOL

  10. celebfan Says:

    Great post!