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This list features The Top 10 News Stories of the week ending Friday, April 16th, 2010.  Making the headlines this week includes a stern warning by an NBA star to his estranged wife, two dangerous men who may be released from prison, a college student who makes history, and three separate incidents of racism.


10. Jerry Rice Attempts Second Career in Pro Golf



Former NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice will make his professional golf debut at a Nationwide Tour event in California today, turning a lifelong passion into reality. “This is an opportunity of a lifetime here,” Rice told the Associated Press. “You know I’m a competitor. I don’t want to go out there and have those players who are playing on the Nationwide Tour think this is a publicity stunt for attention. It’s not. … I have the opportunity to go out and prove to everybody I can play golf.” Rice, 47, said he used to wake up at 4 a.m. so he could get to the driving range and hit golf balls before he was due at work with the San Francisco 49ers for 8:30 a.m. meetings. He’d return to the range after football practice. “I got addicted to the game. I have so much passion for it,” said Rice, who has been golfing for more than 20 years and has been a regular in pro-ams. His best round is 68. Rice would be eligible for prize money if he makes the 36-hole cut at the Fresh Express Classic. Source:eurweb


9. Steve Harvey Co. Delinquent in Taxes; Preps for Foundation’s 1st Gala


A company owned by Steve Harvey is said to owe more than $2.1 million in delinquent federal taxes, according to recently filed public records reported by the Detroit News. The IRS filed a $2,159,204 lien against Wonder Love Inc. on March 8 with the Cook County (Ill.) Recorder of Deeds, the newspaper reported. Harvey is listed as president of the company. Harvey’s entertainment lawyer Ricky Anderson says Harvey was unaware of the lien. “He’s certainly unable to give any comment,” Anderson said. “He’s got competent tax counsel in Chicago that handles all of his tax affairs.” Meanwhile, Harvey, a special correspondent for “Good Morning America,” is teaming with co-host Robin Roberts to honor Denzel Washington at the 1st Annual Steve Harvey Foundation Gala, to be held Monday, May 3 at Cipriani Wall Street in New York. Source: eurweb


8. The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty, DVD


Time sure flies for the Jacksons to have had a TV series already both air on the A&E Network and come out on DVD since Michael died. Nonetheless, this 6-episode reality show is now available and does a decent job of giving you a sense of how the siblings have come together to deal with their grief and resurrect their careers in the wake of their brother’s passing. Source: eurweb


7. Shaquille O’Neal Warns VH-1: He’ll Shut Down Wife’s Show If He Gets Bashed


Estranged wife Shaunie’s new VH-1 reality show, Basketball Wives,” which she created and executive produced, is striking a nerve with her soon-to-be ex. Reportedly, the gentle giant feels that the show is making one too many negative references about him, and he wants it stopped immediately.
According to TMZ, Shaq’s lawyers sent the reality-spinning network a letter, stating that Shaunie signed a confidentiality agreement. If Shaunie even mentions her hubby’s name on the show, she and her production company could expect to get hauled in to court by Shaq’s slam dunk legal eagles faster than you can say “foul shot!” The next show is slated for April 18th, and allegedly, the spotlight will be on Shaunie and on her relationship with Shaq.
Unidentified sources told TMZ that it is still up in the air whether the episode will actually make it to the waves. Source: Ruth Manuel-Logan,


 6. Whole Foods Racist Announcement Mimics Wal-Mart Case


EDGEWATER, N.J. — Police in northern New Jersey say a 14-year-old girl grabbed a supermarket microphone and announced, “All blacks leave the store.” The case is nearly identical to what happened on two occasions at a southern New Jersey Wal-Mart. Edgewater police say the new case is being investigated as a possible “copycat” situation. They say they were called after the girl made the announcement over the Whole Foods Market’s public-address system Saturday afternoon. The girl, whose name was not released because of her age, is charged with bias intimidation and harassment. In the Wal-Mart case, a 16-year-old boy faces the same charges after police said he twice ordered all blacks to leave the store. Source:


5. Bar Accused of Telling Black Men to Give Up Seats for White Women


Two African American men have been trying to file a federal discrimination lawsuit against a local restaurant after claiming they were tossed from the premises after refusing to give up their seats at the bar for two white women. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, former NBA all-star Joe Barry Carroll and Atlanta lawyer Joseph Shaw were enjoying drinks and bar food at The Tavern at Phipps early one evening when they were repeatedly asked to give up their seats to two white women patrons. Carroll and Shaw politely declined, because they had not finished eating. They noticed the Tavern’s employees did not ask any white men to move and also saw some empty seats at the bar. About 20 minutes later, an Atlanta Police officer summoned by Tavern management escorted Carroll and Shaw out of the Phipps Plaza restaurant. The Aug. 11, 2006, incident is alleged in federal lawsuits filed by the two men who say they were humiliated by the episode and contend The Tavern violated civil rights public accommodation laws. After almost two years of pretrial litigation, a federal judge must now decide whether the cases should go to trial. Gerry Weber, one of Carroll’s lawyers, contends the plaintiffs have documented a racially discriminatory practice used by Tavern management, which thought the restaurant would be more attractive to white patrons if black customers were moved out of the way. The Tavern, however, says the suits should be dismissed because the restaurant did nothing wrong. “The plaintiffs’ allegations about racial discrimination are unfounded, unsubstantiated and specious,” said Simon Bloom III, outside general counsel for the Tavern’s management company. “I can unequivocally say that the Tavern operates a color-blind business. It does not take race, color or creed into account for any aspect of its operations.”What led to the lawsuits, he said, was a color-blind practice “focused on hospitality, gentility and good manners.” In a court motion, the Tavern said the restaurant strived to maintain a courteous and chivalrous atmosphere. “When the seats at the bar are full, it is the unwritten practice to ask male customers sitting at the bar who are not eating to give up their seats to female customers standing and waiting for a seat.” The evidence shows that Carroll and Shaw “were asked to give up their seats solely because they are men, not because they are African-American.” In court filings, lawyers for Carroll and Shaw cite pretrial testimony from former Tavern employees who said the restaurant limited the number of African-American hostesses on peak nights, limited the number of African-American waitresses and bartenders, eliminated Hennessy Cognac and Heineken from the menu because it was popular with young black customers and delayed service to black patrons, especially in the bar area. During the February 2003 NBA All Star game, Tavern management knew the restaurant would get a large influx of black patrons so it hung up two large “Welcome Rodeo Fans” banners and instructed its musicians to play country music, Chris Pappas, a former operating partner of the Tavern, testified. Even though a bull riding event was in town that week, this was done to deter black NBA fans from entering the restaurant, he said. Source: eurweb


4. Malcolm X Assassin Will Be Released


On Wednesday, April 14th, the Malcolm X Commemoration Committee (MXCC) and a host of other supporting forces will host a joint press conference condemning the pending release of Talmadge Hayer, a confessed assassin of Malcolm X.  The press conference will take place at the Shabazz Center, which happens to be the remodeled Audubon Ballroom, where Malcolm was actually assassinated, at 12 noon. It is located at 3940 Broadway, in Washington Heights, near 163rd Street, on the second floor. Hayer, also known as Thomas Hagen, was quietly granted parole on March 3rd. He is scheduled to be release from the NY State prison system on April 28th.  Hayer was the only assassin captured at the scene after having fired a handgun into Malcolm’s shot-gunned body on that fateful February 21, 1965. He was joined in committing one of the “greatest crimes against our people” by Benjamin Thomas, Wilbur McKinley, William Bradley and Leon Davis. In later years, he admitted he had done a terrible thing and named these accomplices. The authorities did not pursue any of them. The Shabazz family had not been contacted to be heard on why or why not Hayer should be released. Four of the six Shabazz daughters were on hand to witness their father being slain in cold blood by these assassins. Normally, victims of violent crimes are given the privilege of being heard on the issue of their violator’s release. It didn’t happen in this case.  “Serving time is one thing, but the magnitude of the crime is what has to be considered here,” said Zayid Muhammad, press officer for MXCC.  This was a crime of enormous magnitude,” he finished emphatically. Source: eurweb


3. Nooses, Swastikas, Racist Graffiti Harass Employees of Texas Company – EEOC


Employees at Turner Industries long complained that the working environment at the Louisiana-based, Texas oil services company was racially hostile. On Wednesday, they got vindication in the form of a ruling from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
In one of the largest civil rights investigations ever undertaken in Texas, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission declared that at least 100 African-Americans worked in a hostile environment and were subjected to racial graffiti, nooses, and symbols of hate while employed by Turner Industries in Paris, Texas.
News 8 ( reviewed images of nooses, Swastikas, and Confederate flags on toolboxes, cellular telephones, even welders’ helmets that attorneys said their clients photographed at Turner’s Paris facility, which manufactures oil pipeline products.

“You have African-Americans who’ve complained, who have been terminated, and you have whites who have stood up for the African-Americans who have been terminated,” plaintiff’s attorney Sara Kane said.
Not surprisingly, according to workers, things deteriorated once President Obama took office.
“As a result, you started to see more graffiti singling out Obama; you had threats made against the president that the Secret Service investigated; it became a very hostile environment to work in,” said Jay Ellwanger, another lawyer representing the plaintiffs.
On the other hand, Turner Industries refuses to acknowledge that there is any problem at all brewing at their Texas company.
“Turner Industries has a zero tolerance for any behavior in the workplace that disparages any employee,” John Fenner, corporate general counsel for Turner Industries, said in response to an email from News 8. “We can further confirm that Turner has completed a full investigation into all accusations made at the plant,” he continued. “This investigation included the work of an independent and nationally-recognized workplace attorney. Our investigation revealed that no worker was subject to discrimination nor retaliation.”
I’m not sure how Turner Industries explains those nooses and the graffiti then. The EEOC findings letter allows employees to file suit if they so choose. In this case, I would. But how about YOU?  If YOU were one of the employees at Turner Industries, would YOU sue? Source: Carmen Dixon,


 2. Man With HIV Knowingly Infected Women, Set to Be Released From Prison 



You may not know the name Nushawn Williams, but it’s probably a name you should familiarize yourself with. You would especially want your daughter to know his name, as well as anyone else in the community who has reason to fear a more disturbing style of sexual predator for the new millennium.
Williams is in prison for knowingly infecting women with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. His victims were as young as 13 years old, and authorities believe he may have infected as many as 50 women prior to being incarcerated in 1998. Police are working to keep Williams behind bars, because they fear what might happen if he is released.
“He is prone to further sexual contact with underage individuals because of deficits in his emotional capacity to understand why this is wrong and attitudes that support these types of exploitative encounters. His emotional callousness, lack of remorse and impulsivity undermine important internal mechanisms for managing his sexual behavior,” said examiner Jacob E. Hadden from the New York State Office of Mental Health.
Authorities have determined that Williams suffers from a mental-health abnormality that makes him incapable of understanding why his actions are wrong or harmful.  Source: Boyce Watkins,


1. Notre Dame Gets its First Black Valedictorian 


*For the first time in the 168-year history of Notre Dame University, an African American has been crowned valedictorian. “I am humbled,” said 21-year-old Gary, Indiana native Katie Washington to the Northwest Indiana Times. “I am in a mode of gratitude and thanksgiving right now.” Washington has been accepted to five schools, including Harvard, but the biology major and Catholic social teaching minor will take her 4.0 GPA to Johns Hopkins University next fall, where she plans to pursue a joint M.D. /Ph.D. “Katie works so hard,” Washington’s mother Jean Tomlin told the newspaper. “I told her when she went to Notre Dame, ‘You are representing your family, your church and the city of Gary. Make us proud.’” University officials said they couldn’t recall ever having a black valedictorian, and don’t keep record of their race. She has definitely made her family proud and is following in their footsteps. Her father is a doctor, her mother and sister are nurses, one brother is completing his residency and another brother works for British Petroleum. “I have had so much support, people who really wanted to see that I reached my full potential,” Washington told Northwest Indiana Times. “They all had my best interest at heart.” Washington will address the class of 2010 at commencement on May 16. Source: eurweb

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  1. Shack Says:

    Leon – Great List as usual… my comments are:
    #10 – what else should a millionaire do but play golf. Hope he plays golf better than he dances!

    #9 – Believe the IRS may have it out for brothers.

    #8 – Why is Randy not a part of the group?

    #7 – Think Mr. & Mrs. EX-Shaq are making $$ all the way to the bank!

    #6 – You may het a few of us out of Whole Foods but not out of Walmart!!

    #5 – Interesting…please let us know how this turns out.

    #4 – The family should have been consulted like others have. One of four of the most significant and “conspired” political killings in history along with JFK, MLK & RFK.

    #3 – This has gotten much airplay in Texas and the Feds have already rendered judgement for those minority employees. Hopefully it an isolated few and not a company driven initiative.

    #2 – Hate to say this but his expression in this picture makes it look like he’s infecting someone right now!

    #1 – VERY, Very, Very, Very proud of this young sister!

  2. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    Wow!…These stories spark many emotions. Notre Dame gets it’s first African American valedictorian. That’s awesome. The guy that is intentionally infecting women and children with the HIV virus should be locked up permanently. It’s attempted MURDER. I don’t know why it’s not classified as such. #3. That is ridiculous. This company wanted to keep African Americans in their place. #5. Ridiculous. #6. Really. #7. Can we say Control issues or what does he have to hide! The Jackson’s need the money. #9. Pay your taxes. Thanks Leon.

  3. Leon Shepherd Says:

    Shack…Great comments!
    Also, some of your comments were very humorous. lol

  4. Leon Shepherd Says:

    Lenora…Great comments.

  5. Trisha Says:

    Okay, here I go:
    10. If he can drive the ball as good as he can catch it a green blazer is in his future.
    9. How did Steve Harvey not make your tax list?
    8. Why weren’t the Jackson Brothers working this hard when Michael was alive? OR were we just not interested?
    7. I am a Shaq fan but Team Shaq vs Team Shaunie….how do you explain your behavior to your kids?
    6. There needs to be a reality show where whites can walk in a black persons shoes and understand what it feels like to be discriminated on a daily basis. Stick and stones….words do hurt.
    5. ….how far has the civil right movement come???…who is in the Oval Office?…this is not right.
    4. Has he come infront of his parole board? Is there still a way to stop this?
    3. Why is stuff like this not hitting national news programming? If it weren’t for this site I would have never known about this. People need to know.
    2. Lock him up, throw away the key and turn out the lights.
    1. WOW…now how do you get her on a poster or in an endorsement commercial so that kids can use her as a role model. No offence to athletes or actors but she deserves red carpet treatment.

  6. Shonee Says:

    #9..If he was unaware of the lien, shame on th entertainment attorney.

    #8..I watched The Jacksons reality show. I truly believe that Jackie, Tito and Marlon are comfortable with themselves and where they are at now. Jermaine seems to want to prove himself to the world. He will never be as big as Michael or Janet.

    #5..Deja vu? Give up your seat to a white woman?

    #4..Are the authorities going to pursue the other accomplices or have they given up?

    #2..I don’t mean any harm in saying this but if this guy was infecting women prior to 1998, he’s still alive in 2010? If they believe he is suffering from a mental-health abnormality, do not send back on the streets. Put him where he can get help 24/7.

    #1 Congratulations! Excellent! Yes We Can!

  7. dq Says:

    Wow, this is agreat news site. I have to come back

  8. Jeanette Davis ("Author") Says:

    Thanks Leon. You always give us up to date stories and the “real deal”. Again, thanks and keep up the good work! God Bless

  9. Leon Says:

    Thanks for the support, and positive feeback, Jeanette!