Published on June 11th 2010 by Leon Shepherd

This list features the top ten black news stories of the week ending Friday, June 11, 2010. Making the headlines this week includes, Oprah’s significant other, Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Whitney Houston’s new look, Montel lighting a joint, and President Obama honoring African American music. 


10. Muhammad Ali’s Daughter, Jamilah, Marries


Congrats to Jamillah Ali, the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. We’ve learned that she has married a Chicago lawyer who promotes young boxers in his spare time according to a report.
Jamillah, 39, recently married Michael Joyce, 42, at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Naples, Fla., the Chicago Sun-Times reported.
Muhammad Ali walked his daughter down the aisle before 140 friends and dozens of onlookers in a ceremony performed by the Rev. George Clements. Read more… 


9. Stedman: Chicago Doesn’t ‘Appreciate’ Oprah


As “The Oprah Winfrey Show” prepares to end next year, the TV host’s longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham went on a rant Saturday about the lack of props she’s been given in her home base of Chicago. “I really don’t think they appreciate her. I don’t think they understand the value of who she is as a human being and what she’s done,” Graham said of Chicagoans in an interview with WFLD-Channel 32 news. Read more…



8. Tabloid: Whitney’s ‘Pigging Out’, Not Pregnant



The National Enquirer claims that Whitney Houston’s recent weight gain is not the result of a pregnancy, but rather a combination of good old-fashioned junk food and the medication for her respiratory infection.  A headline-making May 27 photo of Whitney performing in Germany showed the singer has gained substantial weight. Read more…



7. Chris Brown Denied Entry into UK; Tour Cancelled


Chris Brown was forced to postpone his UK tour today after officials there rejected his visa over the Rihanna beating. The R&B singer was refused permission into the country on the grounds of being guilty of a serious criminal offense, according to the Home Office. “We reserve the right to refuse entry to the UK to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offense,” the Home Office stated. “Public safety is one of our primary concerns. …Each application to enter the UK is considered on its individual merits.”  Read more… 



6. 8-Year-Old Removed From Class for Hair Product


An 8-year-old African-American girl at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in Seattle, Washington was removed from her classroom after her teacher said her hair product was making her sick. The offending scent was Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion.  Read more, watch video…


5. Real Estate Firm Puts Up a Sign for ‘Whites Only’ 

A law firm recently put property on the market, stating that the land was for sale to “whites only.” A complaint was filed with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination as a result of the sign. The legal notice, which appeared May 17th, was a reprint of the language in the deed of the property, stating: The said land shall not be sold, leased or rented to any person other than of the Caucasian race.”  Read more…



4. Sheriff Tells Montel it’s OK to Fire Up Joint


Saturday in Maine, television host Montel Williams spoke at yesterday’s Maine Medical Marijuana conference. He was at the event, held at the University of Southern Maine, to speak about the state’s new law allowing medical marijuana dispensaries in hopes that he could be a voice for patients and caregivers who are often not heard in public debates and conferences around the country on the legality and validity of the use of this form of medication. At one point when his pain level became so bad and was in tears, attending Cumberland County Sheriff Mark Dion shouted from the audience “why don’t you just take your medicine?” … the audience applauded and stood as Williams sat down, pulled out a joint and fired it up, lighting up the approval meter of the attendee’s present. Read more, watch video…


3. Globe Tabloid Paid $10,000 for Coleman Death Pics


The Globe magazine has been outed as the tabloid that purchased photos of Gary Coleman’s last moments, and the price tag was $10,000.  His ex-wife, Shannon Price, reportedly took photos of the actor as he lay in a coma in the hospital, then, shopped the pictures to various tabloid outlets.  A magazine insider tells that the photos “are so tasteless that none of the glossy magazines wanted to bid on them. This allowed Globe to get them so cheap.” Read more… 


2. Black woman leads former whites-only school


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The private boarding school for underprivileged students now led by Autumn Adkins, who describes herself simply as “a black girl from Richmond, Virginia,” would have excluded her in years past. The one-time white boys-only institution in Philadelphia did not admit its first black student until 1968 — and that was only after numerous legal challenges, months of protests, a visit from Martin Luther King Jr. and a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. Girls weren’t allowed until 1984. Girard College — which first- through 12th-graders — has come a long way since being established by the richest man you never heard of. And as its newest president, the 37-year-old Adkins is determined to take it further, raising the school’s profile by giving its students “a true 21st-century education.” Read more…


1. President Obama Proclaims June African-American Music Appreciation Month


“Music can tell a story, assuage our sorrows, provide blessing and redemption, and express a soul’s sublime and powerful beauty.  It inspires us daily, giving voice to the human spirit…for many, including the African-American community, music unites individuals through a shared heritage.  During African-American Music Appreciation Month, we celebrate the extraordinary legacy of African-American singers, composers, and musicians, as well as their indelible contributions to our Nation and our world.  Read more…

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6 Responses to “Top 10 News Stories of the Week”

  1. Shack Says:

    #10 – Is this Laila’s sister. All of Ali’s children look alike. In any event, congrats.

    #9 – Is this relationship a sham? Most people, particularly females, believe Oprah’s b/g friend is really Gayle K.

    #8 – OMG – Looks like we have a future Chaka K. on our hands.

    #7 – Overeaction and all this is a result of the domestic abuse fallout from the O.J. trial in my opinion.

    #6 – A little bird told me that the teachers mom smells like Afro-Sheen!

    #5 – A simialr sign should be erected in Compton CA.

    #4 – Hey, although I don’t condone the habit, he’s got it like that!

    #3 – “Trifling Hefer” (technical spelling is Hereford)

    #2 – “Excelling Sister”

    #1 – “Great Brother”

  2. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    Thank you Leon for keeping us informed.

  3. Shonee Says:

    Great stories Leon

    #10 – Congratulations!

    #9 – Whatever…

    #8 – Why do former drug users blow up like that? @Shack…at least Chaka K can still sing and hold those notes, lol!

    #7 – It’s wrong to hit women but I think this story was blown out of proportion

    #6 – That teacher should be ashamed of herself..never ostricize a child for any reason!

    #5 – KKK must own the firm

    #4 – I don’t know how excrutiating his pain is…

    #3 – He seemed to have been an unhappy individual.

    #2 – AWESOME! She looks alot like actress Kerry Washington

    #1 – Thank you Mr. President!

  4. Trisha Says:

    10. Congrats to the Ali family.
    9. That Oprah triangle is hard to figure out, I guess Steadman is back in.
    8.There are some respiratory medications that do make you gain weight. But if its a big mac that makes her happy let her be.
    7. It was his decision to hit Rihanna (more than once)now he has to live with his actions.
    6. Open a window, buy a fan, but leave the kid alone.
    5. I’m surprised that was not in Arizona.
    4. If there is a legitamate health issue I say light up. Montel I believe has MS, would not wish that on my worst enemy.
    3. He made so many people laugh, too bad he couldn’t find some happiness even in death.
    2. People like her will make up for the small steps backwards society takes from time to time(#5)
    1. A President who deserves and much respect as he gives.

  5. Joi :-) Says:

    Howdy! :-)

    10. Congrats, Jamilah! :-)
    9. Ugh…. Okay. Maybe he see’s something that we don’t. Or maybe he is the one who doesnt appreciate being Mr. Winfrey, and the perks just aint the same when he aint with her! Hmmmm… Seems a little suspect that he would say something like that. But what else could he say? Who is he? and what does he do anyway? Oh, well! :-)
    8. ummm, I’m not gonna touch that one. I love Whitney, big, small, whatever. I hope that whatever size she is, she’s comfortable with it. and here’s my 2phuny moment, maybe its the munchies! :-)
    7.I think that’s dumb!!! It aint like he’s gonna go over there and beat up somebody. He’s young, and IT WAS NOT RIGHT, but I think he’s learned his lesson(s). I have to say, that we will never know the FULL story of what happened. I will say this, if I was hitting someone, I’d expect to be hit back. male, female, dog (they bite). If you touch someone inappropriately, dont be surprised if they touch u inappropriately back. If u gonna dish it, u gotta be able to take it! If that is what he “saw” growing up, he is a product of his environment. I hope he learned his lesson. Besides, I think the embarrassment of it all, is lesson enough. I also hope he has someone to show him “how its supposed to be done”, or NOT! time will tell. but I would not sweat it either. If they dont want him, there is ALWAYS someone who will. Keep it moving C.B.
    6. what can I say about that? unevolved teacher!!!
    5. WE DONT WANNA LIVE THERE ANYWAY!!!!! that’s tooo many unevolved creatures in one space! There are soooo many other places to live. besides, it looks like the kkk wrote that sign.
    4. puff puff pass Montel. lol. :-) when’s the next conference? JUST JOKING…. KINDA!!! :-) any-way, my feelings on “partaking” are different. I know, I know, ya’ll are surprised huh? lol. :-) any-way, I’ve never met an ailment that a little ganja couldnt heal. :-) and are they REALLY mad, that folks are going back to the first medicine that was here, and its cutting into their profits? That’s really the issue aint it? HATERS!!!!! lol. :-) take two hits off this BL, and call me in the morning! WRITE THE SCRIPT DOC!!!! & dont forget my card. oops, his card. LOL. :-)
    3. That’s a shame! The wife/x-wife should be ashamed of herself. And whoever bought and published the pics., should be ashamed of themself/themselves too!!! Why would someone take that kind of picture anyway? If my honey was dying, the last thing I’d be thinking of is taking pics, and sellin them to someone. (and I could, based on who my honey is). That AINT LOVE!!!!! I saw one of the pics on one of the magazines today, and my daughter asked “what happened to him mommy?” YUK!!!! and not a yuk to him, cuz heaven forbid, I may look like he did one day, the yuk is for her and everyone else involved. Go sit yo a$% down chick!
    2. Gon’ gurl!!!!!!!
    1. DO IT OBAMA!!! or as my daugher(4) says, “Prez. ObaNa!!!! :-) I’d like to check out his i-pod!!!

    Great list as usual Leon! :-)

  6. Leon Says:

    Thanks Joi!