Published on August 26th 2013 by Leon Shepherd

Last week, June 25, marked the 1 year anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson.  Jackson, often referred to as “The King of Pop”, is the biggest-selling solo artist of all time with over 750,000,000 sales. The popularity of his videos on MTV, helped to put the young channel on the map. As I was viewing his numerous great videos, I realized that Jackson was not only, “The King of Pop”, but also the “King of Music Videos.” So, in celebration of his incredible videos, here’s my list of the Top 10 videos by Michael Jackson.


10. Remember The Time









9. Bad





8. Billie Jean





7. You Are Not Alone



6. Black Or White



5. The Way You Make Me Feel




4. Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough



3. Beat It



2. Smooth Criminal



1. Thriller

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10 Responses to “Top 10 Videos by Michael Jackson”

  1. rod moore Says:

    Wow one year! Time flies as you get older. Leon I remember you texting me about it & my better half calling & telling me about it but it hardly seems like a year. We all have memories of Mike/ The J5. Funniest memory remember when if you bought a box of Alpha Bits or Sugar Crisp cereal it would have a record on the back of the box. I remember my sister & I looking on the back of every box to find The J5 record The Love you save the other record Bobby Sherman Julie Julie! Oh yeah Is it me or did Sugar Bear remind you of Lou Rawls! lol Peace

  2. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    I love these videos. Michael raised the bar everytime he made a music video. Awesome job. I liked so many others, but I guess there could only be ten. I don’t envy you having to decide the top ten. Thanks Leon!

  3. Shack II Says:

    Alright – Just getting back in town and find another great and well-timed list. In near total agreement, particularly with the top Three. However, on first blush, “Billie Jean” is too low and placing “DSTYGE” in the TT has to be questioned. Main reason is that video was produced on the late 70s before technology evolved and made its mark.

    Believe “Man In The Mirror” warrants listing here (among others) instead of DSTYGE but will have to do some checking and comment later.

  4. Leon Says:

    Shack, MJ never did “A Man On The Mirror” video. Otherwise, it definitely would have been in the top ten. There are clips of him singing it live in concert, but not a video.

  5. Shack II Says:

    What are you talking about? There is indeed a MITM video…it features JFK, Nelson Mandela and a guy (soldier) shooting a gun going backwards on his only leg. Do the research!!!

  6. Trisha Says:

    Great list Leon. I have to agree with Shack on BillieJean being way too low and the fact that time flies tooo fast. I remember being 10 and saying I want to marry MJ, now it’s been a year since he has been gone. Great way to remember.

  7. rod moore Says:

    Shacks right Leon there is a video of Man in The Mirror. My son has the dvd with his videoes on it & its there for sure.

  8. Shack II Says:

    Rod – Leon and his criteria. He admits its a great video but is not listing it because MJ doesn’t actually appear IN it!

  9. Shack Says:

    Roy – What are you waitng on? Your favorite MJ video has been listed No.2 on BlackTopTens…Are you in agreement or do you place it above “Thriller?” Please advise “with the quickness”

  10. Shonee Says:

    Just getting back from vacation…I agree with Ms. Lenora, MJJ raised the bar with every video he made…Im sure it was extremely difficult to choose which to put on TT. Yet, I agree with Shack that “Billie Jean” should be in the Top 3…album “Thriller” skyrocketed into the stratosphere in sales. Overall, I am VERY pleased with the list!