Published on July 16th 2010 by Leon Shepherd

This list features the Top 10 Black News Stories of The Week ending Friday, July 16, 2010. Making the headlines this week include; Michael Jordan’s decision, Aretha Franklin’s duet, Jaleel White’s case,  a hand-cuffed 6 year old, and the question of the week, “What’s wrong with Whoopi Goldberg”?


10. Jordan Picks Sides in Kobe/LeBron Debate


In a 2009 video that has just recently surfaced, NBA legend Michael Jordan was asked to weigh in on the debate about the league’s current best player – Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? Read more/watch video


  9.  ‘Urkel’ Cleared in Alleged Battery Case


  TMZ is reporting that Jaleel White will not face domestic battery charges in an incident involving the mother of his child. Read more …


8. Aretha Franklin to perform with Condoleezza Rice


The Queen of Soul and the former US secretary of state join forces with the Philadelphia Orchestra for a fundraising concert.  Read more …



7. ‘Life After’ Returns to TV One for Season Two

What happens after – after the fall, after the tragedy, after the public humiliation? Those are the questions explored by the TV One series “Life After,” which makes its second season debut on Monday, July 19th. Former “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Janet Hubert and “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard kick off the back-to-back season debut on Monday, July19. Read more/watch video


6. Cleveland Cavalier Owner Fined $100K for Rant Against LeBron James


YES!! It is wonderful to hear that finally the NBA’s management is being penalized for their actions!  The NBA’s players are usually on the receiving end of the fines, but the blatant, demeaning, disgusting, actions of Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert in writing that filthy letter he claimed was to the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers must’ve pissed off more than just me, but also the longtime NBA Commissioner David Stern. Read more …


5. Missouri college to honor first black applicant 60 years later


 In 1950, Mary Jean Price, the salutatorian of Lincoln High School in Springfield, Mo., hoped to enroll at a hometown college and become a teacher, but she was denied access. Read more …


4. Handcuffing 6-Year-Olds in New Orleans?


School officials shackled Ja’Briel Weston to a chair for being disobedient. Two days later, they did it again. Now his father is suing. Read more…


3. Ga. Cops Repeatedly Taser 57-Year-Old Teacher Who Called for Help


A criminal investigation should be opened for two officers who tasered and pepper-sprayed a 57-year-old Georgia woman who called police to report a prowler. Read more, watch video …


2. From poverty to PhD



Harcourt Fuller, the eighth of nine children born to Ashley Fuller (a painter) and Jennifer Johnson (a homemaker), of Crescent Road, in lower St Andrew, did not attend any of the much-venerated preparatory and traditional high schools here in Jamaica. Read more …




1. What’s wrong with Whoopi Goldberg?


The annoyingly amoral Whoopi Goldberg is at it again, with what seems to be her mantra: “You can do whatever offensive thing you like, as long as you’re famous.” Read more/watch video…

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5 Responses to “Top 10 News Stories of The Week”

  1. Shack Says:

    Okay – I’ve got a lot to say about some of these stories…#10 – What else could MJ say KB has FIVE Rings (Right GG!)
    #9 – Kudos to Stephan U. The Gay, Domestic abuser gets cleared-LOL.
    #8 – Guess there hope for Black Republicans – even Condelezza
    #7 – Okay she was moody (a “b word” that rhymes with itch) and pregnant…she still blew a good gig! W.Smith WAS THE STAR- She should have learned to deal with it!
    #6 – What A Mess-Some Pro owners are out of control-In this instance, I can see why the owner said some of this since HE Personally FELT Betrayed. But to garantee an NBA title before some other team gets one is not practical. I also think its time for Jesse to go to the house…he’s seemingly getting out of touch with some of the things he says!
    #5 – What a pathetic scenario – a woman who wanted to become a teacher ended up being a janitor. Kudos to the U. of Mo. for tying to “RIGHT the WRONG!”
    #4 – Another Mess – I’m siding with the school (to a degree since I was once a teacher) but not to the point of handcuffing. More needs to be done to enforce discipline in schools). But whats interesting in this case is there is a father at home (presumably). THE SCHOOL SHOULD HAVE CALLED HIM UP THERE TO GET JA’BRIEL TO BEHAVE before they resorted to handcuffing!
    #3 – Here we go again-Dumb A$$ Cops! Whats up with these SO-CALLED SWORN PEACE OFFICERS not being to control 17, 19 or 57 y.o. women without punching them in the face or tasing them??? AGAIN, SUCH TREATMENTS SHOULD BE RESERVED FOR MEN ON PCP OR WHO CANNOT BE SUBDUED BY NORMAL MEANS!!! Good riddance..GLAD THEY WERE FIRED. The husband or whomever came and to talk with her needs his a$$ whipped for condoning what they did and just standing there-what if they’d done that to his mom?
    #2 – Kudos to this gentleman!
    #1 – It safe to say that WG has it in for ALL Black Men since she can’t deal with US. But if you’re a White Male, You Can Get IT! (With Extremely BLACK Gums)!! If it weren’t for her performance in The Color Purple, I’d eliminate her from memory! Wonder what the Great Danny Glover would say about this???

  2. Leon Says:

    Shack, I’m also curious what Danny Glover has to say. As a co-star with Mel Gibson in several movies, it would be interesting to his take on M. Gibson & W. Goldberg.
    As of yet, he has made no public statement.

  3. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    Thanks Leon! Great News stories as ususal. #8. That would be interesting. #6. he should have to pay a fine. #5. Wow. I don’t know if better late than never even applies here. This woman broke down her body for almost 60 years working as a janitor. That is sad. It does however give her a place in the history books. #4. I understand the parents being mad and wanting to sue, but some of these parents need to go old school on their children. If we got in trouble at school, we got a good old fashioned beat down from our parents. We were not repeat offenders. Teach your children manners and how to act in school and in public period. #3. They knew they were wrong. Period! #2. Good for him. #1. Whoopi, Whoopi, Whoopi!

  4. rod moore Says:

    Now Leon you see why I absolutely DESPISE Whoopie (Whitey) Goldberg. Wasnt the blackface incident enough & now this. Guess next shell be defending nazis & klan members.

  5. Leon Says:

    I feel you Rod!