Published on July 30th 2010 by Leon Shepherd

 This list features the Top Ten Black News Stories of the week ending Friday, July 30th, 2010. Making the headlines this week include; Beyonce gets caught, T.O.’s new team, Serena’s new injury, America’s favorite athletes, and Obama’s latest ‘View’.


10. Beyoncé gets ticket for texting while driving


Beyonce may be receiving a call from Oprah soon and it isn’t to be featured on her talk show. Oprah, who endorsed the ‘No Texting While Driving’ campaign, is probably upset that her friend Beyonce ignored the rules, as she was recently pulled over for texting while driving.  Read more…


9. Common Helps Serena Nurse Foot Injury



*Serena Williams’ friend La La Vasquez tweeted a photograph that has folks wondering if the tennis star is back together with her ex-boyfriend Common. Read more …


8. T.O. practices with Bengals for first time


GEORGETOWN, Ky. – Terrell Owens arrived fashionably late, received a white jersey with his favorite number, and got a smattering of applause for doing even the simplest thing. Read more


7.  Chris Tucker Owes Uncle Sam $11 Million


The Internal Revenue Service is after Chris Tucker for over $11 million in back taxes, according to documents filed Tuesday with the L.A. County Recorder’s Office. Read more…


6. America’s Favorite Athletes



A recent Harris Poll tells us some interesting, perhaps predictable, things about sports, sports fans, and ongoing societal values in America. Read more


5. Black Candidate Puts ‘Not the White Man’s B*tch’ on Ballot Description


Ieshuh Griffin is a legislative candidate from Wisconsin who seems willing to do whatever it takes to get elected. In the five words that candidates are allowed to put on the ballot to describe themselves, Griffin put the phrase, “Not the white man’s b*tch.” Read more…


4. Diana Ross’ Sister Denies MJ Pregnancy Claims


Mocienne Petit Jackson, the woman who claims she’s the daughter of Diana Ross’ sister and Michael Jackson, suffered a major legal setback today when the woman who allegedly gave birth to her denied ever doing so. Read more…


3. NJ woman bakes cakes to pay mortgage


New Jersey mom Angela Logan is whipping up a unique way to fight foreclosure on her home: baking cakes. Read more/ watch video


2.  Obama courts the ladies of ‘The View’


As President Obama fights the lowest approval ratings of his career, he took a dramatic step to boost his Q ratings Thursday by visiting  ABC’s “The View.”  In a segment taped Wednesday and broadcast Thursday, the president entertained questions on everything from the war in Afghanistan to Mel Gibson’s anger problems.  Read more/watch video …


 1. Sean Bell plaintiffs: $7 million settlement is fair


NEW YORK (AP) — The fiancee of an unarmed man killed by police in 50-bullet barrage and a friend who survived the shooting said Wednesday that a settlement of the federal civil lawsuit with New York City that topped $7 million was fair but not cause for celebration. Read more …

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4 Responses to “Top 10 News Stories of The Week”

  1. Shack II Says:

    Leon – Welcome back The blog was missed…
    #10 – Don’t Jay Z & B have enough money for a chauffeur or bodyguard to do the driving?
    #9 – How do million $/well coordinated athletes severly injure themselves (walking on glass) or falling down flights of stairs (S. Kindle)?
    #8 – Another desparate team but Ohco Uno & Cinco make a nice tandem
    #7 – Here we go again You better chech w Wesley. Guess there’ll be a Rush Hour 4 or 5 whatever te # is!!
    #6- Interesting…perhapsTiger & Kobe should hang out and even make a commercial together!
    #4 – Kooky hereford – what a nice picture of MJ before he destroyed his “Natural Good Looks!”
    #3 – Whatever It Takes
    #2 – Two firsts in this deal 1st) BHO ist sitting pres. on a daytime talk show and 2nd)Whoppi next to a Black Man – LOL
    #1 – What a jacked up situation-$7m for getting killed after coming froma a bachelor party – D@MN!

  2. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    Welcome back…I missed the blog a great deal. #10. Beyonce knows better. I want to say sometimes young people just don’t think, but, it’s all ages. Something always have to happen before they realize oh, I guess it could happen to me.I have seen so many people drive while talking and texting and make really dangerous mistakes. #9. Ouch! I hope they are back together or at least remain friends. #7. Really, learn from other people’s mistakes. #5. She really thought that was going to be okay. Wow! #3. Good for her. #1. That’s too bad that a life had to be taken to get the money.

  3. Mark Smith Says:

    #8 if the Bengals can upgrade their defensive line they should contend… 81 and 85 you know will do their parts to carry this team as far as they can.
    #7 This is why there has been no Rush Hour 5, he been hidin’.
    #3 I can feel what she’s doin, tho’ I ain in forclosure for lack of not even close to owning anything, but I am trying to market this gourmet pizza by way of my blog @DaGrillWitDatFya on FB.

  4. Yamaha Lover Says:

    Great detailed information, I just saved you on my google reader.