Published on August 14th 2010 by Leon Shepherd

This list features the Top 10 Black News Stories of The Week ending Friday, August, 13, 2010. Making the headlines this week include, Venus Williams, Bernie Mac, Jet Magazine, Queen Latifah, Fantasia, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and President Barack Obama.


10. The Miss Black America Pageant is Back!


The all-of-a-sudden politically-incorrect sounding Miss Black America pageant announced Tuesday morning that it would revive the national beauty competition that featured past contestants such as Oprah Winfrey and Toni Braxton, reports the Baltimore Sun.  Read more…


9. ‘Unsung’ Returns with O’Jays, Winbush, Pendergrass, Heatwave and more


TV One’s acclaimed original bio series “Unsung” returns Sept. 13 with features on Teddy Pendergrass, Tammi Terrell, Heatwave, George Clinton, The O’Jays, Angela Winbush, The Fat Boys, Musical Youth and Miki Howard, airing each week through Nov 8. Read more…

8. Venus Williams hopes book inspires others to success 

Venus Williams is a tennis champ, fashion designer and now author with last month’s release of her new book, “Come to Win.”  It examines th role of sports in life’s sucesses.  Read more…


7. NFL’s Chris Chambers Married His Stalker‎

In a shocking development just recently reported, NFL superstar wide receiver Chris Chambers married the woman who stalked and harassed his family last year. Read more…


6. Mind Your Business: Queen Latifah’s Sexuality

Fresh from our “Stay out of grown folks’ business” file, a photo of actress and singer Queen Latifah with her alleged girlfriend, personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, has surfaced on the Web. Read more…


5. Bernie Mac’s Widow Sues Doc for Wrongful Death

The widow of Bernie Mac has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Chicago against the late comedian’s longtime doctor claiming negligence. Read more …


4. Did Fantasia Make A Sex Tape?: Lover’s Wife Says Yes in Lawsuit

Uh oh, it looks like Fantasia’s got a serious female problem to deal with. That female problem being her already married loverboy’s wife. Court documents filed in Fanny’s hometown of Charlotte, NC claim she is accused of making a sex tape with Antwuan Cook who would be that  married man. Read more/Watch video…


3. View Jet Magazines on Google FREE

For every week from 1950 to 2008 Google Books has archived Jet Magazine issues.  See how Jet described some of the historical events that happened in our and our parents lives. Read more…


2. Hunt for killer targeting black men hits 3 states

DETROIT (AP) — Tony Leno was taking a smoking break outside the Toledo, Ohio, church where he works when a tall, muscular white man pulled over in his Chevy Blazer, got out and asked him for directions. As the 59-year-old custodian turned to point the way, the stranger — apparently without word or warning — stabbed him twice in the abdomen, got back into his vehicle and drove off into the night. Read more…

Update: Serial Killer of Black Men Arrested At Atlanta Airport

A suspect in a series of stabbing deaths in three states was arrested Wednesday night at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport as he was about to board a flight, Atlanta police said.  Read more…


1. Obama Hoops with LeBron, D-Wade, Magic, then Barbecues



President Obama tested his basketball skills against several current and former NBA stars in a Sunday afternoon pickup game at Fort McNair in Washington. Read more… 

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6 Responses to “Top 10 News Stories of The Week”

  1. Shack II Says:

    THX FOR THESE Stories Leon – Informative. My comments:
    #10 – Glad its back
    #9 – Can’t wait
    #8 – Go for it VW
    #7 – CC a d@mn fool!
    #6 – We always said she played that “Set It Off” role too well!
    #5 – Okay let me get this straight, shes suing a dermatalogist for a respitory ailment and all this for %50k?? None of this adds up!
    #4 – Quite a Mess!
    #3 – Thx. Google
    #2 – Scary
    #1 – I’m sure BHO’s critics will stereotype him negatively.

  2. Roy Says:

    Well I hate to say it. Your Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Interesting Articles.

  3. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    Welcome back!!! It was missed.
    #10 and #9 Good.
    #8 I will have to read it.
    #7 Interesting. I hope he knows that she will never let him go!!!
    #6 Busted!!! We all knew.
    #5 Really.
    #4 That would explain her suicide atempt. The worst thing to me about this whole thing is the fact that she did not think about her daughter. Another thing, if you’re a celebrity and do a sex tape, think about the potential that it may surface…
    #3 I love that ideal.
    #2 I hope he get’s life in prison.
    #1 Cool…Come play in the hood!!!
    Great job Leon!

  4. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    To Shack: We said the same thing about Latifah’s role in “SET IT OFF” that was when we started to think that that role was no stretch for her.

  5. Leon Shepherd Says:

    To all of the faithful followers of BlackTopTens, thanks for your positive feedback and continuous support.

  6. BlackWebSeries Says:

    How nice of the Miss Black America folks to wait until the day after The Miss Black USA competition to make their announcement… LOL