Published on October 1st 2010 by Leon Shepherd

This list features the Top 10 Black News Stories of The Week ending Friday, October 1st, 2010. Making the headlines this week include: “President Obama”, “Serena Williams”, “A former Miss USA”, “A  $55,000 Dinner Bill”,  The Cast of ”In Living Color”, “The Worst Deadbeat Dad”, “Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson, and a “Seven year-old rapper named Lil’ Peanut.”


10. Former Miss USA now a trainer


In 1990, Carole Gist won the Miss USA pageant. She made history that night by becoming the first Michigander and first black woman to win the title. Read more…


9.  Dez Bryant Stuck With $55k Dinner Bill



Payback is a b-tch, especially when you are a rookie NFL wide receiver who has to pay — literally. Read more / Watch video…


8.  Fox News Calls Obama ‘Gangsta Rap’ Lover



 Leave it to Fox News to take President Obama’s inclusion of Jay-Z, Nas and Lil Wayne on his iPod and turn it into this headline on its website: PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES LOVES GANGSTA RAP  – Read more… 


7. ‘In Living Color’ Cast: Then and Now


During its five-season run, ‘In Living Color’ was responsible for launching the careers of quite a few performers. Some made it big. Others not so much. Take a look at what the cast has been up to for the past 20 years. Read more…


6. Wayne Brady, Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown make video


Here is a funny parody of Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step,” featuring Wayne Brady, Mike Tyson and a very special appearance  by Bobby Brown. Read more / Watch video


5. Eddie Long Accuser Jamal Parris Speaks Out


Eddie Long can’t hide too much longer from these sex scandal allegations. One of the men who has accused the bishop, Jamal Parris, has spoken out. Read more / Watch video


4. Blame it on blacks: Infamous phony crime claims



Unfortunately, the United States has a long and troubled history of accusing and blaming unidentified African-Americans of crimes they did not commit. Read more…watch slide show


3. Daughter doesn’t think twice about giving her father the gift of life


Shelby Davies-Sekle didn’t think twice about undergoing surgery to have a vital organ removed — her dad needed her help. Read more…


2. Worst Deadbeat Dad Ever


Father Of 23 Children By 14 Different Mothers Jailed For Failure To Pay Over 500K In Child Support!!!  Read more…


1. Video clips from 5 daytime Television shows




Video clips featuring Rick Fox, Serena Williams, LL Cool J, and a 7-year-old rapper  named Lil Peanut .  Watch videos…

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3 Responses to “Top 10 News Stories of The Week”

  1. Shack Says:

    #10 – Thx. for reminding us about Ms. Gist who, for some reason, I had totally forgotten about!
    #9 – Herm Edwards is right. This shoulda been kept “in-house!” There are hard working people who don’t make that much in ONE YEAR!
    #8 – So!!! To Fox News – Whats Your Point?
    #7 – Excellent Report and interesting (I didn’t know Marlon W.was an ILC regular!)
    #6 – Saw this earlier in the week – W.Brady can pull it off but Tyson Looks ridiculous.
    #5 – Very Powerful – Seems plausible and quite convincing. If the allegations are true, then Bishop should be medically castrated.
    #4 – The woman is obviously mentally imbalanced!
    #3 – Thx. for the upbeat story after reading about Story #s 4 and 2, we need more like that!
    #2 – Too Bad Brother Veal wasn’t introduced to Bishop Long when he was younger!
    #1 – LP Obvious talent – could be channeled differently, RF – No Comment, SW – Wow Is this what millionaresses do with their spare time, LL – No Comment, EL – See comment #5.

  2. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    Great stories!
    #10. Good for her!
    #9. :-) .
    #8. Grow the heck up!
    #7. I loved that show!!!
    #5. I bet that this is more about power than about the acts themselves. Either way, it is really sad. I definitely think this young man is being truthful and not looking for his fifteen minutes of fame.
    #4.It is very easy for society to believe that an AA is so capable of such random violence against others. This is due in part to negative media and Hollywood portayal.
    #3. Good for her!
    #2. I wonder if he even knows their names and birthdates. Let alone, which child belongs to which baby momma! Jerk!
    #1. Interesting…
    Thanks Leon!

  3. Southern Girl Says:

    I always love reading your updates! Keep up the good work!