Published on October 8th 2010 by Leon Shepherd

This list features the Top 10 Black News Stories of The Week ending Friday, October 8th, 2010. Making headlines this week include; “New Plans for Jet & Ebony”, “A Violently Hazed Pledge”, “How to become a White House Intern”, “A Teen Shot for Wearing Baggy Pants”, “Steve Harvey on Family Feud”, “Michelle Obama Ranked Number One”, and,  “A Woman has a Cockroach Removed From Her Ear”.


10. Educator finds comedic inspiration in city students


Jason Weems, a semifinalist on “The Last Comic Standing,” is a teacher’s aide at Leith Walk Elementary and often uses the things his kindergartners say during his stand-up routine. Read more…                                                                           


9. Johnson Publishing CEO Rogers discusses plans for Ebony, Jet



Johnson Publishing Co.’s new CEO Desiree Rogers plans to reach out to historically black colleges, sororities, fraternities and churches to help reverse the circulation slide of the company’s flagship magazines, Ebony and Jet. Read more …       



8. More non-black students attending historically black colleges


Elizabeth Hallaren, a 20-year-old white woman, says she is beginning to understand what it’s like to be a minority. Read more…                                                                            


7. Pledge Sues After Being Violently Hazed


In two separate hazing cases at universities this year, members of Sigma Gamma Rho, an African-American sorority, have been charged with beating their pledges with wooden paddles. Read more…                                                   


6. How to become a White House Intern


The White House Internship Program provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills.  Deadline for Spring 2011 interns is Oct. 10th.  Read more…


5. Toddler Dies in Hot Car While Pastor Dad Attends Church


A one-year toddler roasted in a hot car Sunday, while her minister dad attended church. Read more / Watch video…



4. Man Arrested for Shooting Teen Wearing Saggy Pants


Most adults hate the sight of dudes walking around in saggy pants, but most wouldn’t pull out a gun and shoot somebody for wearing them. Read more…



3. Steve Harvey Embarrasses Contestant on Family Feud


The Family Feud is a long time favorite for a lot of us and it seems that Steve Harvey was the right guy to put in that slot. Read more / Watch video



2. Woman Has A Cockroach Removed From Her Ear!!


Watch video …                                                                                     


1. Michelle Obama ranked world’s most powerful woman


First lady Michelle Obama beat out heads of state, chief executives and celebrities to rank as the world’s most powerful woman in Forbes magazine’s annual listing on Wednesday. Read more…    

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3 Responses to “Top 10 News Stories of The Week”

  1. Shack Says:

    #10 – A good use of his talents.
    #9 – There was a time when I didn’t pass an opportunity to read an Ebony or a Jet magazine but now its like newspapers-I can take it or leave it…which I admit is NOT a Good Thing.
    #8 – Have no problem with this which seems to be somewhat of a trend.
    #7 – Didn’t know the ladies hazed and SGR of all sororities!
    #6 – How great it must be to gain experience and exposure under the BHO Administration!
    #5 – Another disturbing trend. This time we have a dad who has screwed up royally.People are so pre-occupied with stuff they’re unable to handle whats really important – like taking your baby girl out of the car after you park it.
    #4 – Highly unfortunate/unecessary but I agree they should PULL EM UP.
    #3 – Hilarious
    #2 – This could only happen In Da Hood…Poor hefer-she must sleep very hard!
    #1 – Right On Michelle. P.S. Instead of considering Hillary for the Veep in 2012, BHO should consider his wife…wouldn’t that be something!

  2. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    #10. Good for him. Kids say the funniest things sometimes, especially kindergarteners.
    #9. Good luck to her. I hope she can make a difference. They should consider digital subscriptions.
    #8. Everyone should know what it feels like to be the minority.
    #7. There is no justification for such violence against anyone. They’re acting like street gangs where you have to be jumped into a gang (Get the crap beat out of you and fight back against several gang members).
    #6. Awesome opportunity.
    #5. That is sad. There is no justification for this. It happens all the time. People have to realize that it can happen to you. Not to mention, if the child had been perfectly fine, she would have been crying, hungry, wet and scared. It can happen to you!
    #4. Seriously, I hate to see guys saggy pants myself, but we don’t have the right to demand that they pull up their pants unless they belong to you or are friends and relatives.
    #3. Steve Harvey is a nut and it is funny to see his humor on the show.
    #2. Disgusting!
    #1. She is a very elegant, classy lady. She is the most powerful woman.
    Great stories Leon! Thank you…

  3. RDFJ Says:

    Steve Harvey, now that’s funny. He is the right guy for this show. Nice list.