Published on October 15th 2010 by Leon Shepherd

This list features the Top 10 Black News Stories of The Week ending Friday, October, 15th, 2010. Making headlines this week include, T.I., Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Randy Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, and President Barack Obama.


10. First black Playboy playmate reveals naked truth on beauty standards




In March 1965 Jennifer Jackson was the first African-American woman to be selected Playmate of the Month by Playboy magazine during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Read more / Watch video …   ____________________________________________________________________

9. Halle Berry to Join Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence in ‘The Skank Robbers’



Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx, mentioned that fellow Oscar winner Halle Berry would be joining him and Martin Lawrence in ‘The Skank Robbers.’  Read more/Watch video …  ____________________________________________________________________

8. Randy Jackson Angry With Parents Katherine and Joe Over Upcoming Oprah Interview


Randy Jackson is outraged that his parents Joe and Katherine allowed talk show diva Oprah Winfrey inside their compound for an exclusive interview. Read more …   ____________________________________________________________________

7. Black Power salute Olympian selling gold medal



The former San Jose State runner has put his gold medal for the 200 meters and spikes up for auction at New York-based M.I.T. Memorabilia. The bid starts at $250,000, and the sale is scheduled to close Nov. 4. Read more …   _____________________________________________________________________

6. Looking Back on the Million Man March


This Friday is the 15th anniversary of Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March, and The Loop 21 marks the occasion by analyzing how much of the “promise” of that fall day in 1995 held true. Read more /Watch video …  ____________________________________________________________________

5. Parents Say Kid’s Art Project Looks Like KKK Hood


A 6-year-old boy in Fort Scott, Kans., came home on Monday with an art-class project that shocked and unnerved his parents: a KKK hood. The boy’s parents were so outraged that they removed their child from the school. Read more/Watch video…      ___________________________________________________________________

4. Pregnant Woman Arrested for Beating 6-Year-Old Neighbor Over Bullying Incident



This week, a 27-year-old pregnant woman (pictured above) was arrested, after police say she attacked and beat her 6-year-old neighbor, Ian Fauncho, nearly knocking out his two front teeth. Read more/See Pictures…    


 3. Why Obama-Clinton 2012 Almost Makes Sense


Making Hillary Clinton vice president would help President Obama — but it wouldn’t do much for her. Read more …


2. Rapper T.I. Helps Rescue Suicide Jumper


(CNN) — Rapper T.I. helped police persuade a man not to jump off the roof of high-rise office building in Atlanta, Georgia, Wednesday afternoon, police said. Read more/Watch videos …



1. Emmett Till’s beating educates students about Civil Rights


In 1955, there is a night that will forever be ingrained in Simeon Wright’s memory. His cousin, Emmet Till, nicknamed “Bobo” was coming to visit from Chicago. Simeon Wright had no idea he would witness the kidnapping of the man whose murder launched the civil rights movement. Read more/Watch video…

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2 Responses to “Top 10 News Stories of The Week”

  1. Shack Says:

    #10 – Interesting and didn’t know it took twelve years for the first AA Playboy Playmate.
    #9 – Can’t wait-Hope its good seems kinda stupid plotwise.
    #8 – RJ seems to have a valid point but obviously they don’t communicate well with eachother!
    #7 – Sad, hopefully he’s not selling it because he has a crack habit or similar addiction.
    #6 – Although the success of the march can be questioned, the minister’s pledge still inspires!
    #5 – Dumb A. art instructor should have simply told the boy to “flatten out the top part of the mask” then it really would not have resembled a KKK hood. Poor kid he really looked happy/proud of what he made but had no idea what it meant!
    #4 – Where were the boy’s (Ian’s) mother, father caregivers? How did she have such easy access to him?
    #3 – I keep telling everyone…yeah dump Biden but don’t make Hillary the VP. How about Michelle Obama the 1st Lady/1st Black(Female)Vice President of the U.S. Know it won’t happen but isn’t it nice to think about!!!
    #2 – Too coincidental. How many of these guys “just happen to be walking around” and not be with an entourage or in a limo headed to wherever?
    #1 – I hope he visits other campuses – This is one of the most wicked crimes ever committed. I guess his uncle was too scared to shoot the basterds who kidnapped E. Till (which is what I would have done)or maybe he didn’t have a gun. In any case, may their souls ROT IN HELL for what they did to this beautiful young man.

  2. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    #8. Randy has every right to his feelings. He knows more than any of us about what is going on. I think the parents should have let him know that Oprah was coming.
    #6. I don’t think that it had the impact that it could/should have had.
    #5. Some people living in our society need to live on a secluded island some place in the middle of no where.
    #4. This is ridiculous…I’m not saying that he did not deserve to get his little but kicked but not by a grown woman with mommy rage.
    #2. Perfect example of right time, right place. Good for him.
    #1. Everyone should know this story in history.

    Great stories Leon!