Published on December 2nd 2010 by Leon Shepherd

This list features the “Top 10 Black News Stories of The Week.” Making headlines this week include, Vanessa Williams, Whitney Houston, Denzel Washington,  Queen Latifah, Wesley Snipes, Will Smith, Brandy, and Rosa Parks.



10. Vanessa Williams Turns Down $600K Tell-All Deal


‘Desperate Housewives’ star Vanessa Williams covers the Power 100 issue of Ebony magazine and in the feature story confessed to recently passing on a $600,000 book deal to write a tell-all book. Read more…             



9. Teen Swallows Bag of Cocaine, Takes Priceless Mugshot 


Does this look like a man who has been arrested? Nope. But if there were a look after you successfully swallowed an entire bag of cocaine, this would be it.  Read more … 


8. Love-handling! Women hide stolen goods in body rolls 


Oklahoma police say two women arrested for shoplifting used their bodies to conceal the goods. Read more / Watch video…        



7. The top 10 black holiday movies


The holiday season is in full swing, and television and movie theaters are currently filling up with jolly films to get us into the spirit. However, it’s very rare to see holiday-themed movies starring black actors. Here are a choice few holiday films with black characters in leading roles that spread Christmas cheer. Read more /  View slides… 


6. Wesley Snipes Ordered to Begin Prison by Dec. 9 


Actor Wesley Snipes was ordered Wednesday to voluntarily surrender at a federal prison in Pennsylvania next week to start his three-year sentence for failing to pay taxes. Read more…

5.    8 Inspiring Celebrity Career Comebacks 


In the fickle entertainment industry, as quickly as someone can rise to the top and become a beloved figure, they can fall off even faster, be subjected to scrutiny and exiled from the public’s embrace. But everyone loves a good comeback story. Check our some of our favorite over-comers: Read more…



4. Brave 10-year-old writes book about death of his dad 



10-year-old Demetrius Martin’s journal has become a book. I Really Miss My Dad is Martin’s account of how he deals with the loss of his father, who was brutally murdered. Read more/ Watch videos…   



 3. LA Teen Gives Back: Jemba Organizes Annual Xmas Toy and Gift Drive 


Jemba, a 14-year-old teenager from LA, is on a mission. He is also an actor/model who’s not rich and of course lives with his Mom. But for the last 3 years he has hosted a Xmas Toy/Gift Drive for families who are victims of domestic violence. Read more …



2. Hydeia Broadbent: “Living With AIDS is No Death Sentence”



Despite being born with AIDS, the 26-year-old activist continues to live life to the fullest while informing others about the disease. Read more …



 1. Rosa Parks Still Matters 55 Years Later


When Rosa Parks refused to accept second-class citizenship on a Montgomery Alabama city bus, one of the most important moments in American civil rights history was born. Read more / Watch video …   





















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2 Responses to “Top 10 News Stories of The Week”

  1. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    Great News stories.
    #10. Good for her.
    #9. Interesting. I would hate to look back at a picture like this, then again, he should consider himself lucky to be able to look back.
    #7. This is one of my favorite movies.
    #4. Good for him.
    #3. Nice story.
    #2. I thought about this young lady recently. I wondered how she was doing.
    #1. I love the impact that she had in our lives as well as our history.

  2. Shack II Says:

    #10-Through it all, VW still demonstrates some class!
    #9-Guess it was a smart move but the kid looks like a 4-way cross between Cleavon Little, Calvin Lockhart, Tommy Davidson and Alphonso Ribero! With those looks and that expression, he should go into show business!
    #8-Sounds like a new Reality Show>DDDS Desperate/Disgusting/Dumb/Skanks
    #7-Would like to check out “A Dream For Christmas”! Some of these were good, some were okay and some were pathetic like the worthless “Holiday Heart!”
    #6-Why are they out to get Nino?
    #5-Could debate the term “comeback” regarding some of these celebs!
    #4-Beautiful,Sincere,Heartwarming and Sad…
    #3-Wonderful endeavor and story.
    #2-Truly sad but she has the spirit and determination to be triumphant!
    #1-Thx. to Mrs. Parks for being the mother of the civil rights movement!!!