Published on December 9th 2010 by Leon Shepherd

This list features “The Top 10 Black News Stories of the Week” ending Friday, December, 9th, 2010. Making headlines this week include, Oprah Winfrey, Jermaine Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Terrence Howard, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin.



10. Man Sues Antoine Walker for Stealing Fiancée


Former NBA star Antoine Walker is being sued for $5,000,000 by a man claiming the athlete stole his fiancée, and then laughed in his face. Read more … 


9. An Atlanta Man Turns Down NFL Job To Be….A Train Conductor!?!?!?


How many aspiring athletes do you know that would turn down an NFL gig and $18,000 a week? Well that’s exactly what Keith Fitzhugh did Tuesday when the New York Jets called him, as he decided he’d rather keep his current job as a train conductor. Read more … 


8. Jermaine Jackson’s Driver’s License Taken Away Until He Settles Back Child Support


Former teen R&B hearthrob Jermaine Jackson is knee-deep in child-support woes. Reportedly, the crooner owes his ex so much in back child support payments that his driver’s license has been confiscated. Read more … _________________________________________________________________


7. Woman files lawsuit, says bad credit cost her a job




Loudy Appolon, a Florida woman is suing the University of Miami for firing her before she could begin her job because of a bad credit report that includes a default on her student loans and a car repossession. Read more / Watch video … 


6. Oprah to Barbara Walters: ‘I’m not a lesbian’


It’s the rumor that won’t seem to go away: Does the queen of daytime TV like the ladies? Read more / Watch video … 


5. Life Expectancy For African-American Men At An All Time High


Congratulations, brothas! You are now officially living longer than all other Black men in the history of these United States. Read more …


4. ‘Winnie’ With Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard


Film Bridge International has released the trailer to ‘Winnie,’ starring Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson as Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Terrence Howard as Nelson Mandela.. Read more / Watch video … 


3. ‘No Negroes Allowed’ Sign Marks Future Wisconsin Business


A publicity-seeking businessman in Wisconsin, who has a problem with black people, believes he has the right to serve and not serve whomever he wants. Read more / Watch video …


2. Michael Jackson’s ‘Hold My Hand’ Video Released


The music video for Michael Jackson’s new single “Hold My Hand” feat. Akon has finally been released by Sony. Read more/ Watch video …  


1. Family Confirms Tabloid Reports That Aretha Franklin Is Suffering From Cancer


The National Enquirer is reporting that The Queen of Soul is suffering from pancreatic cancer – an incurable disease with a rate of survival is a low 5-10%. Read more …

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