Published on April 25th 2011 by Leon Shepherd

This “Top 10 List” features my favorite movie villains/bad guys of all time. This list of fictitcious villains are played by several well-known actors as well as some lesser known actors. The list also includes clips of most of the actors in their memorable performances. So, without further ado, let the top 10 debate begin.



10. “Deebo,” played by Tiny Lister – Movie: Friday

Click on link to view clip featuring Debo:



9.  “Sho Nuff,” played by Julius Carey – Movie: The Last Dragon


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8. “Big Red,” played by Hawthorne James – Movie: The Five Heartbeats



Clip unavailable



7. “Clubber Lang,” played by Mr.T – Movie: Rocky lll


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6. “Mary,” played by Mo‘Nique – Movie: Precious


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5. “Alonzo,” played by Denzel Washington – Movie: Training Day


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4. ” Bishop,” played by Tupac Shukur – Movie: Juice


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3. ” O’ Dog,” played by Larenz Tate – Movie: Menace 2 Society



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2. “Jules Winnfield,” played by Samuel L. Jackson – Movie: Pulp Fiction



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1. “Nino Brown,”  played by Wesley Snipes – Movie: New Jack City



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21 Responses to “Top 10 Favorite Movie Villains”

  1. Shack Says:

    Nice list and agree with your ranking, especially numbers one and two. Someone who came to mind is one of the few “Black Horror Villains” and thats Tony Todd in the film Candyman!

  2. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    Welcome back! I have not seen all of these movies but I do agree with you on the one’s that I have seen. I did not see Juice, Menace 2 Society or Rocky III. I saw Pulp Fiction but I really do not remember it. I think that MoNique should be #3. Great job and excellent clips.

  3. Shack Says:

    What about the Great Danny Glover (Mister) in The Color Purple?

  4. Leon Says:

    Thanks Lenora!

  5. Leon Says:

    Shack: Danny Glover was considered. He was barely edged out.

    I also decided that horror movie villians like Tony Todd (Candyman), and the brilliant Clarence Williams lll (Tales from the hood), will have their own top ten.

  6. Shack Says:

    Did you consider Sgt. Waters (Adolph Ceasar)from A Soldier Story?

    P.S. I think its safe to say that the great Sam Jackson has made a living and has performed as a “villain” moreso than the other actors listed starting with his role as the robber in Coming to America as well as similar appearances in other great flicks including Mo Better Blues, Unbreakable, Jungle Fever, Jackie Brown and Lakeview Terrace just to name a few!

  7. Leon Says:

    Shack, Adolph Ceasar was considered & deserves top ten recognition. I just wasn’t sure where to place him.

    And I agree with your assessment of the roles played by Sam Jackson.

  8. Shack Says:

    How could the character of Ike (Turner) exceptionally portrayed by Larry Fishburne not be included?

  9. Leon Says:

    I thought you might mention Fishburne.
    That’s why I stated in the intro, fictional characters.
    Otherwise, he would be near the top of the list.

  10. AvgWhiteGuy Says:

    Good list with one flaw IMHO. Jules’ decision to quit the life and “walk the earth…like Kane in Kungfu” makes him more of a hero than a villain.

  11. Shack II Says:

    I stand corrected…

  12. Shack II Says:

    AWG-You’re right but if you think about it, all the villains (with the exception of the character Zed and the other quasi-rapist) in the extraordinary flick Pulp Fiction, including Roth, Travolta, Willis, Stoltz and particularly Ving Rhames, demonstrate several redeeming qualities as well!

  13. Rod Moore Says:

    What about Morgan Freeman in “Street Smart?” He was brilliant & earned an oscsr nomination. Check it out when you can. Monique & Denzel should be a little higher simply because of the critical acclaim & awards they receieved.

  14. Leon Says:

    You’re right Rod, Mortgan was brilliant in Street Smart. Thanks for reminding me of his oscar nominated performance.

  15. Rod Moore Says:

    Another villian I thought of was the great Yaphet Koto in Live & Let Die. The first Brother to be a villian in a James Bond Movie. And lets not forget the sexy Gloria Hendry as Rosie officially the first sister to be a Bond Girl.

  16. Rod Moore Says:

    Just one more thing why is it that any time larenz tate plays a character located in L.A. he ends up dead? Yeah he died in Why do fools fall in love but the character lived in L.A. for a time. & Waist Deep. Maybe his agent should have his characters located out side of L.A. LOL

  17. Shack Says:

    Rod – Nice point about Kotto and Hendry! Another villain who worked for Kotto in that movie was Julius Harris-the guy with a claw for a hand. You know I’m always cross-referencing. Julius Harris appeared in many Blaxplotation Flicks including Superfly (as Scatter), Shafts Big Score and Black Caesar!

  18. Leon Says:

    Yaphet Kotto also played the villain in (don’t laugh), Truck Turner, starring Isaac Hayes.

  19. rod moore Says:

    I remember truck turner starring Isaac Hayes & the exsquisite Nichelle Nichols. I was going to metion Julius Harris but bKoto was the Main Villian Hffis was his henchman.

  20. rod moore Says:

    Hendry & Harris was in Black ceaser & harris was in the 76 version of king kong. Why is that significant? He was the only person from the rescue party that didnt die other than Jeff Bridges & you know we are always the first ones to get killed in a movie especially back then!LOL! Peace

  21. Shack Says:

    Leon- Didn’t realize that. Looked it up and he played “Harvard Blue.” Sorry but I’m still laughing!