Published on September 15th 2011 by Leon Shepherd

This list features my “Top 10 Favorite Black Magazines”. The list was compiled and ranked based on popularity, longevity, content, and the ability to reach its target audience. Some of the magazines listed will appeal more to males than females, and vice versa. However, all the magazines have a certain appeal to them. Whether its news, music, sports, entertainment, business, etc., these magazines are to be commended for their outstanding job of serving African Americans of all ages, gender, and lifestyles.


10. Vibe




Vibe is a music and entertainment magazine founded by producer Quincy Jones. The publication predominantly features R&B and hip-hop music artists, actors and other entertainers. The magazine’s target demographic is predominantly young, urban followers of hip-hop culture. To subscribe:


 9. Sister 2 Sister


Sister 2 Sister is a black entertainment magazine that covers celebrity events, interviews with interesting people, and personal achievement features. The magazine also provides news on beauty products, fashion, and music reviews. To subscribe:


8. Right On!


Right On! Magazine is the voice of the hip-hop generation. Each monthly issue delivers the best in black entertainment, fashion and beauty, plus the latest information on your favorite celebrities and the hottest interviews and profiles of today’s biggest stars. To subscribe:



7. Black Women


Today’s Black Women is a lifestyle magazine for African American Women that speaks to her unique lifestyle. Whether its love, sex, relationships, career, health, money, fashion and beauty or other timely information about her and her world, Today’s Black Woman is there! To subscribe:



6. Black Men


Black Men Magazine is a publication for the African American male ranging from age 25 to 49. Each issue includes interesting profiles of leaders in the African-American community, features and editorials from the top African-American journalists and relevant articles about black society in general. This magazine also includes a mixture of sex and relationship articles, sports news, business & finance, grooming, community news, and trivia that combine to make Black Men Magazine all that it is. To susbcribe:



5. Upscale


Upscale is a magazine for sophisticated and successful African-Americans. The magazine celebrates black culture while informing and entertaining its readers with compelling profiles and articles about travel, health and fitness, beauty and fashion, business, relationships, and more.  To subscribe:



4. Essence


Essence Magazine delivers the latest information on fashion and beauty, career and educational opportunities, investing and money management, health and fitness, home decorating, parenting, food and travel as well as cultural reviews. Each issue is dedicated to delivering the inspiration and information a black woman needs to live a healthy and meaningful life. Essence is the magazine for today’s African American woman.  To subscribe:



3. Black Enterprise



Black Enterprise examines personal finance, as well as money and career management. This magazine serves to seek out, analyze and disseminate information that is helpful, and provides a forum for the ideas, ambitions and expressions of African American business people. Black Enterprise Magazine is a business publication for African-American professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives. To subscribe:



2. Jet


Jet Magazine deals with news, sports, fashion, education, black history, entertainment, business, society, religion and African affairs. Founded in 1951 by John H. Johnson, Jet is notable for its role in chronicling the early days of the American Civil Rights movement from its earliest years including coverage of the Emmett Till murder, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and Martin Luther King, Jr. To subscribe:



1. Ebony


Ebony Magazine reaches more black women, men, professionals, teenagers and consumers than any other magazine. Each issue includes topics on education, history, politics, business, art, literature, sports, civil rights, personalities, entertainment, music and social events. Some of the featured sections inside Ebony are fashion fair, date with a dish, speaking of people, sounding off, ebony book shelf, photo-editorial and house call. Ebony is the ultimate magazine for sophisticated black men and women.  To subscribe:

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13 Responses to “Top 10 Black Magazines”

  1. Shack Says:

    Leon – Welcome back…As usual an excellent category and I agree totally with the rankings. I’m sure “Player” magazine just missed your Top Ten-LOL

  2. Shack Says:

    While clicking on each of the attached links here at the job they all opened except “BLACKMEN” stating it was in “inappropriate” website!!!

    What kinda $#*% is that? Although this is most likely a localized occurence (here in the building where I work), its interesting that even the information super highway has us (Black Men)tagged with terms like that (inappropriate). As if something is wrong or dangerous with a magazine with that name. Just like our societal reputation…we’re out to get over on everyone and you have to watch out for us.

    Hate to get into this (politics) but this is why our president can’t succeed because of the pathetically absurd notion that he’s out to bring down the country and undo the american dream/way of life etc.-RIDICULOUS!

  3. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    What a welcome treat. This is a great list Leon! I agree with the order.

  4. Leon Says:

    Thanks Shack!

  5. Leon Says:

    Thanks Lenora!

  6. RDFJ Says:

    YES, LEON WELCOME BACK! Very good list.

  7. grapevine Says:

    Great list, however, I think Right On is a little out-dated, I would replace it with Heart And Soul (Wife’s favorite).

  8. Desi Says:

    Right On magazine…lol. Now that’s just funny. I would have thought they retired the magazine with the saying. Perhaps I was wrong, and the saying is still in too?

  9. Leon Says:

    Thanks Mr. Finney!

  10. Leon Says:

    Great points, Grapevine & Desi.
    But the reason “Right On” made the list is because its been around since 1971 and still remains popular with African American teens.
    And Grapevine, “Heart And Soul” is a very good magazine and was highly considered for the top ten.

  11. Lenora Dorsey Says:

    I agree with Shack’s political view. Obama is in a lose- lose situation. He’s d**ed if he does and d**ed if he doesn’t. Sad…

  12. Kenny Says:

    Love the list and a great category!

  13. Leon Says:

    Thanks Kenny!